Do you have good credit?  If you have been thinking about upgrading to a better home than what you current are living in, NOW IS THE TIME to BUY!  This incredible BUYER’s MARKET can allow you to move up to a nicer home, nicer neighborhood, with a potentially higher investment return.  There are so many homes in foreclosure that it is driving other listed properties to settle for lower sell prices.  For instance, you may be living in a nice $150,000 neighborhood but want to move up to a $200,000 or $250,000 neighorhood.  You could find a house that would appraise for $250,000 that might need a little fixing up for say $180,000.  It’s not uncommon.  And I predict that when the market turns around and values start to rise again, we will see incredible increases in the values of Real Estate.  Again, if you have good credit, qualifying for this type of upgrade would be a cinch.  It would also be a Wise Move at this time, don’t wait if you are in the market.

An added bonus is that if you have lived in your current residence for at least 2 years, any profit you realize on the sale of your old house is not taxable as capital gains (subject to current government limits).  BONUS!    So, if you think this might be something you would like to investigate further, give me a call.  I would love to show you all the great Real Estate buys that Johnson County Kansas has to offer right now.

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Occasionally, when ripping apart an old house, I find hidden treasures behind old base boards, under built-in casework, even inside old drains.  Last week I found a solitaire diamond ring.  IT WAS HUGE.  At least a carat plus.  That was exciting. 

  Once, when remodeling an old house that was originally built in 1929 for a local Banker, I found several interesting items. First, there were several old coins, the most valuable one was a 1900 Liberty Quarter.  I discovered that is was worth about $30.  Then there was several old pictures, old love letters, and part of an old newspaper dated 1936.

 A friend of mine was helping an old family friend clean out their attic after her husband had died and they were selling off the estate.  They found many valuable Treasury Bills and some old Stock Certificates up there.  I’m not sure of the worth of that find but it was significant.

 I remember when I was bout 10, my Great Grandma had died and we were selling her house and all the personal belongings inside the house.  My Great Uncle was sure that Great Grandpa had hidden a fortune in the walls of that old house.  He made sure he was the highest bidder so he would end up with the house.  He tore that entire house apart looking for a treasure that never existed.  (They were poor as church mice)

 Have you ever found anything of value when remodeling an old home? 

 It sure is fun when I find something old, especially when it has some value.

             Oh! As for that diamond solitaire…it was a genuine FAKE!

                                    Maybe better luck next time, huh.

 Good Luck to You!

 Doug Voss

KC Improved Housing Solutions


In the spirit of Improvement, I recently joined Realty Resource of KC.  I made the move so that I could better serve other investors in the KC area.  My services include helping investors BUY, REHAB, MANAGE, and SELL their investment properties here in Kansas City.  I can provide Construction Services, Contractor Coordination, Project Management, Draw Request Inspections, Budget Analysis, Pictures, etc. for investors that need the help.  If you are looking for investment opportunities in the Kansas City area, I can help and It would be my pleasure to serve you!

Doug Voss   KC Improved Housing Solutions