I can’t believe it’s almost March already!  Man…where did February go?  The way I look at it, 1/6th of my year is up and I am way behind on my earnings for the year.  I mean, I definitely haven’t yet earned 1/6th of the income I expect to earn this year.  I need to do a lot of catching up.  I have several deals I’m working on right now but none have quite ripened.  Well, they will. 

This winter has been long it seems, lots of snow and ice.  I’m frankly tired of it.   Last night we got 2″ of snow.  I think that makes a grand total of 23 or 24″ for this winter.  We usually get about 15 or 16″.  And we still have 4-6 weeks of potential crappy weather left yet.  I will welcome the growing season again.

Today I loaded a new Header onto my blog frontpage.  The Arrowhead Stadium marquis boasting the “Loudest Stadium in the NFL”.  I took that picture last season before the Jacksonville game.  My wife and I were invited onto the field during pre-game warmup.  That was fun.  I am trying to find just the right image for me, this is just interim until I get the right one.

Bear with me, I’m new to blogging and sometimes don’t know what to write about, see you next time.