No matter what strategy you use for investing in Real Estate, at some point you will need to get your hands on more money than you currently have.  That’s one of the secrets of Real Estate Investing, using leverage to acquire assets.  He who learns to use OPM for acquiring more property will be able to create wealth fastest.

For this moment, let’s discuss finding private individuals who have money to invest in your deals.  This is one of the most powerful kind of OPM.  It is quick and easy to get money when you need it most.  Because, in real estate investing, the first one to get to the deal with the money he needs to close the deal, gets the deal.  So, finding private money investors is crucial to keeping the momentum going on your real estate investing career. 

I currently have one private investor who has set aside a sum of money to invest in my expertise in real estate.  I pay him a better rate of return than can be obtained in other conventional types of investments available right now.  So when I find a deal that I need funding fast, I call my PMI.  We discuss the deal, we decide on the terms, and we do the deal.  I only wish I had about 10-12 of these individuals.  I’m always looking.

What would you do if you could earn 2-3 times the rate of return you currently are getting, secured by actual tangible real property, and turn your money anywhere from 2-6 times every year.  Do the math! 

If you would like to discuss PMI more indepth, please email me.